My blog post about over architecture got quite a bit of attention. I have decided to expand on that topic and dig deeper into specific architecture related aspects.

“Before software can be reusable, it first has to be usable.” RALPH JOHNSON

Code re-usability seems to be a very hot topic for both business and developers alike. From my experience no one knows how best to write code that will be reused in the next project for one simple reason, what is the next project? We see quite a bit of re-usability happening in npm packages for node and react projects…

Throughout my career I never settled on a specific language or technology to work on, I was always thrown at a problem to solve and I went from there to the next problem. So in my experience, I worked with client-side, server-side, databases, and all of them in multiple languages. So I was always in a puzzled state when I had to fix a problem in a project that wouldn't have been a problem if a different language or technology was used to solve it. For example, making a gravity game in Javascript seemed like reinventing the wheel, when Unity…

I recently had an opportunity to help a friend with a Node JS server. I haven't done JavaScript or server-side code for quite some time but jumped on to the opportunity to expand my horizons a bit. I was pleasantly surprised by how far the Node came along from the last time I used it, and how easy it was to use it now. I was also scared to see that performance and optimization are now totally irrelevant nowadays; with cloud servers like AWS or Firebase and others, there is no reason to optimize your code. …

Dima Svetov

Engineering Manager

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